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Photoart by Simpson
#78 - Photographer

photoart by simpson is owned by Andrew & Arlene Simpson. Also known as Clearbrook Photographic Arts, the company is the oldest operating studio In the Fraser Valley. From its conception in the 40’s it has gone through lots of changes and Andrew is the third owner making him the most established photography studio in the Fraser Valley.

Art & science have always been an important factor in the creation of the Simpson image. Given the opportunity, Andrew’s fascination with the ordinary transformed into extra-ordinary is represented in his work. After all these years he still uses his imagination to capture emotions in his portraits. Andrew & Arlene are never complacent or bored with a new opportunity keeping them always on the edge of the photography industry.
Andrew Simpson (Contact)
Andrew W. Simpson (Contact)

35503 Old Yale Road
Abbotsford, BC
V3G 2C5